After Simon‘s and Merdan‘s full-body training from last week, it was my and Fabian’s turn to present a little workout to our classmates.
Like Simon and Merdan, we also focused on the whole body with our training. We started off with a little warm-up that included Jumping Jacks, Squats and the Crossbody toe touch. Every exercise for 20 seconds!
Then Fabian took over and showed our classmates how to do jump ropes, push-ups and mountain climbers in the right way. We did each exercise for one minute.

Feel free to try our little workout at home! With a little bit of music, the workout will be a lot more fun! 

Next week, Paul and Florian will present their workout to you!  And remember: A rolling stone gathers no moss!

Josef Tipotsch and Fabian Mühlegger, 2BK