Monday mornings are a whole lot more about exciting in our class! This week, my friend Simon and I took charge of creating a workout routine to kickstart our day. Our aim was to strengthen our entire body through a combination of arm, back, and leg workouts. 

To begin, we started with a proper warm-up, which included stretching and loosening our joints to prevent any injuries. Once we were warmed up, we moved on to the exercises. 

We kicked off the workout by performing pushups. This classic exercise targets the arms, shoulders, and chest, helping to build strength in these areas. We made sure to maintain a proper form and ensure a full range of motion with each repetition. 

Next, we shifted our focus to the back muscles. Instead of using any equipment, we searched for an effective bodyweight exercise. By lying on the floor and raising our legs in the air, we pretended to do pull-up motions. This exercise targets the back muscles. 

After completing the upper body exercises, it was time to target our legs. We found an exercise similar to dips, which does not only strengthen the legs but also provides a good stretch. By performing movements that mimic the motion of dips, we engaged our leg muscles and worked on flexibility. 

Additionally, we included optional punches during the workout. This allows us to build in movements for the upper body while still focusing on the lower body exercises. It provides a balanced workout and increases the overall intensity. 

Our Monday morning workout routine was great! By doing pushups, back exercises, and leg workouts, we were able to strengthen our entire body. Remember that it is important to keep this progress by including these exercises regularly into your routine. Get ready to conquer Mondays with a powerful start to your week! 

Merdan Suludere, 2BK